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The company's main products: open bag packaging machine, valve bag packing machine, automatic weighing and packing machine, powder vacuum packing machine, packaging machine, tons of powder mixing equipment, liquid filling machine, measurement automation control engineering. The products are widely used in chemical industry, such as: conductive graphite, ultrafine carbon black (acetylene), carbon nano Rice noodles, Shi Moxi powder, fumed silica, silica powder, nano calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, instead of many fields of powder and food, building materials, coal, engineering etc.. The company's new R & D single vacuum packing machine, double vacuum packing machine, professional research focus on the special characters of powder, solve the small bulk density, mobility, gas content, particle size of ultrafine air, strong affinity materials, packaging methods to feed, packaging research and development and design, process exhaust plastic and other auxiliary measures, solve the packing speed of this kind of material, precision and appearance of packaging defects, mainly in response to the national environmental protection production call for strict control of dust packaging site spillover make packaging site environment clean.

Integrity, pragmatism, unity, progress, innovation is our purpose, "sincerity and integrity, concentric counterparts" is our business philosophy. Your trust is our support, we will be more serious, hard work, to better quality products and more attentive service to return customers. May our products bring you more wealth.